Ben Folds and The Contemporary Youth Orchestra

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This is one of those designs that took me forever to get to, but when I finally got there, I loved it. The initial design process was long, arduous and lacking direction. I convinced my client into a design that she didn’t like because time was running out. I was feeling bad about it, and I too, started to hate the initial design. So I came to terms with the fact that I had to completely switch direction at the last minute. Sometimes putting this sort of pressure on yourself produces the best work, and in this case, I think it did. Forcing myself to start with a clean slate, and really listening to my client’s needs made me a better designer, and ultimately made the event a true success.

I attended this magical concert. My design received the best endorsement when Ben Folds came out on stage (wearing my t-shirt design) and he said, “I don’t usually wear my own swag, but…”

Project components:

    • Event logo
    • Poster
    • Postcard mailer
    • Website promotion graphic
    • Facebook and social media graphics
    • Digital ad
    • Printed ad
    • Event program
    • VIP passes
    • T-shirt